Eddie Shaw has been tattoing since 2003. Bringing his experiences as an accomplished freelance fine artist, illustrator, and art instructor, he draws from a wide variety of styles and techniques to create custom-designed tattoos that combine both traditional and new school elements. He emjoys detailed black and grey tattoing as well as works in color. He specializes in a variety of styles and techniques from the bold, graphic, yet highly refined, to detailed works of realism and the surreal, as well as custom-designed lettering. Eddie grew up in Meriden, CT and studied Painting and Illustration at the Hartford Art School. He is an Army infantry vet and served in Afghanistan in 2006. Despite harsh and often violent conditions overseas, he managed the resources to set up shop and continued to tattoo fellow soldiers whenever time allowed. He returned in 2007 and has been tattoing professionally ever since. He continues to pursue oil painting, drawing, and illustration, and enjoys tattoing as a way to connect with people through art and a shared passion for life as a collection of experiences.

“Art puts me in touch with worlds that lie just beyond the reaches of the senses…”

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