Getting Great Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are some of the most feminine and easy to conceal tattoos a woman can get.

Whether they form a beautiful bracelet or are simply a delicate design, wrist tattoos are among the most popular permanent body art out there today.

    •    Due to their placement, they are easy to show off.

    •    Because they are located on the wrist, they can easily be concealed with a watch or chunky bracelet.

    •    A wrist tattoo is a great place for something that you want to be able to see and look at daily.   A  small memorial, inspirational phrase or symbol are all great tattoo ideas for your wrist.

Wrist tattoos provide a beautiful focal point for your body art.

What are aspects of wrist tattoo designs that have the best results?

Use this space for a very simple tattoo designs so that you get the most impact on this body part.  Wrists tend to be small, and are the thinnest point of your arm.

round or oval shape looks great placed on the inner wrist area.

If you decide to wrap around your wrist, decide whether you would prefer a thin or chunky "bracelet" effect.  Some beautiful wrist tattoos mimic actual bracelets, while others mimic sweat bands.  Decide which type of look fits your personality and begin your design from there.

Do not try to put in too much detail.  There is not enough room for it.  If you would like a tattoo with lots of subtle nuances, wrist tattoos are too small to accommodate that request.  Pick another body part that you would like to place your design, or modify your tattoo idea following these small tattoos guidelines:

For best results, consider moving your tattoo placement about an inch or two higher than the bend in your wrist.  The skin on the bend, as with any joint, regenerates much more frequently than that of your forearm.  By avoiding that unpredictable area, your tattoo will heal faster and cleaner than it will very close to your hand.

Below is a photo of an un-tattooed wrist showing you the "safe" and "danger" zones.


As you can see below, the lower down on the wrist you tattoo, the more prone the tattoo is to blurring and "blow out".  My wrist tattoo of a dragon has been tattooed three times over six years but is still faded, and the lines on the tail have blown out on the bend of my wrist.  Stacey's tattoo of stars was done in the safe zone and only needed to be tattooed once.  Her tattoo is about six years old in this photo.


By staying above the danger zone of bendiness, you have a much higher chance of success with your tattoo on the first session.

If you do tattoo on the most bendy part of the wrist, your wrist tattoo may not be guaranteed for a free touch up.  My own studio does not guarantee work on wrists below the safe zone due to the high percentage of people who experience fading and distortion in that area.

Now that you know some basic truths about wrist tattoos, you are on your way to picking out a great tattoo design that will look beautiful, fit the body part,  and last for years looking fantastic