Should I Make a Tattoo Appointment?

Are you debating if you should schedule a tattoo appointment?

tattoo-appointmentI love them.

With a tattoo appointment, I arrive at the studio, sign my paperwork, and within minutes am heading into the tattoo chair. I like knowing that when I arrive I am expected and even looked forward to.

No wasted time. No sitting around waiting and getting anxious while my artist is drawing.

Instead, I am welcomed as I walk in, and am very quickly enjoying the process of seeing art manifest on my skin.

So, should YOU make an appointment?

The simple answer is usually yes.

Why do I say this? Well, many times, getting the best tattoo design, and therefore the best final product, takes time. Making a tattoo appointment for your tattoo gives your artist time to hammer out your tattoo design drawing to perfection.

If you rush the design process, you could end up with a less than stellar piece of body art. Or, it might even be a good tattoo. But you want a GREAT tattoo that looks amazing and impresses everyone who sees it.

So, even if you are amped up to get started as soon as possible, try to be understanding if your artist wants to make an appointment for you rather than putting you in the chair that instant. They really do have your best interest at heart.

On the other hand, if you come into the studio with the design that you want already picked out, stencil in hand, it might be reasonable to get tattooed that day, as long as your artist is available

It’s a good idea to make an appointment for a consultation if you have a complicated idea, or are looking to design a large piece such as a sleeve or a backpiece.

Taking the time to really explore your tattoo design idea with your artist is guaranteed to give you a better result than rushing in guns blazing.

I have had several occasions in which the consultation process resulted in an incredible tattoo design that neither the client nor I would have come up with on our own.

Taking a half hour to get to know my client opened up a window into his thought process and what was important to him. This allowed me to brainstorm ideas that seemed related to the original idea - and we ended up getting to the heart of what it was he wanted to express. By the end of the process, we had a totally original design idea that included all of the aspects he was hoping to capture. No longer simply copying another artist’s work, we were heading into new territory - coming up with our own perfectly tailored tattoo design just for him.

As you can imagine, this was a delightful process for both of us. I was thrilled to be able to use my own imagination and skills to make something completely new. He was thrilled to be getting something just for him that embodied everything he found important.

Having an appointment for your consultation is not always necessary - often you can have a consultation when you walk in with the front desk staff, or even with your tattoo artist if they are free to talk at that time.

But if you have a big idea that is very important to you - call ahead and make sure that someone will be available when you want to come down to the studio. That way, you know that your artist can take the time to truly understand what you are looking for, and share all of your hopes for the piece with him or her. 

And, as a tattoo artist, I LOVE when I know who is coming in to be tattooed for the day.

It gives me a chance to get excited about the artwork the whole night beforehand. I might be the only one who does this (though I doubt it!). I will look at my tattoo appointments for the next day at night before I leave the studio. And as I am falling asleep that night, I picture in my head how I am going to approach the tattoo.

I imagine shading it, the colors I will use, and how the final tattoo will look on my client’s skin. I plan how much of the piece I think we will complete during our session, and determine beforehand at what point we will call the session done for the day so that there is an opportunity to blend the next session cleanly into the piece if it is a big tattoo.

Having advance notice of the tattoos I will be working on really lets me get excited about them. I can modify the drawing and my approach as I get closer the tattoo appointment, and turn out great tattoos instead of merely good ones.

This is why I recommend making a tattoo appointment and being patient with the tattoo process.

As a final note, don’t be disappointed if you have to wait a while to get in to see your tattoo artist. While it can be frustrating to wait a week or even months to secure a date for your tattoo appointment - know that you are going to be thrilled with your body art on tattoo day. A long wait just means that your tattoo artist is in high demand. And that can be a very great thing!