Name Tattoos - Is There a Curse?

Many tattoo artists will tell you not to get your significant other's name tattooed, and that they believe that it's a curse on the relationship to do so.  While I am not a believer in curses, I also recommend not getting the name of your partner tattooed on your body.


In my experience, name tattoos of this nature seem to be collected in times of stress in people's relationships, whether or not they are consciously aware of that at the time.  Perhaps subconsciously the collector thinks that by having the person's name on them, the other can't leave them, or they can't leave that other person - it's permanent!  But in most cases, within a few years the same collector is coming to me to have the name covered up and replaced with something new so as not to be reminded of the old relationship.


In my opinion, it's best not to get the name tattooed in the first place.  Getting a tattoo of an image is a lot less risky, and will remind you of the time in your life that you collected it.  If you chose the image for a person or relationship, that is fine, and sometimes couples even get the same tattoo or parts of a tattoo that make sense together.  I haven't seen too many people regretting these kinds of tattoos, but I certainly have covered my fair share of names!


Exceptions to the name rule include children's names, and names of the deceased.  Memorial tattoos are to honor those we have lost, and I haven't heard of anyone regretting a tattoo of their lost friend or family member's name.  The same goes for tattoos of kid's names - your children will always be your children, and so there is no reason to regret those tattoos.


Moral of the story?  Keep in mind that when emotions are running high, names are some of the first impulse tattoos people get, and then regret.  So think before you ink, and enjoy!