Glitter Ink Tattoos and UV Light Tattoos

Recently we have had a few clients come to us asking if we had glitter ink to tattoo them with.  We are not really sure what they are asking for here, but would like to address the question.

Tattoo ink is composed of a small amount of pigment within a base solution to suspend the pigment in.  This solution is applied to the skin by a series of needle pokes.  The ink is held in the tattoo tube much like writing ink is suspended in the ink well of a quill pen.

During the process of tattooing, the tattoo needles move in and out of the skin very quickly, leaving behind a very small amount of the tattoo ink within the skin.  If the solution cannot run down the needles and leave enough of a trace of ink behind within the skin, then there is no tattoo.

Tattoos are not injected into the skin, and we are not using hypodermic needles or hollow needles to apply your tattoos.  Your skin is composed of Epidermis, Dermis and a Subcutaneous Fat Layer.  Within the Epidermis are five layers: the Stratum Corneum, Stratum Lucidium, Stratum Granulosum, Stratum Spinosum, and Stratum Germinativum.

The whole process of tattooing takes place in the first three layers of your epidermis (not even all the way through your epidermis!)

Nurses use hypodermic needles to inject solutions into your muscles or into your veins, which are below your skin and deeper within your body.

As far as glitter ink goes, I am not sure that there is a type of tattoo ink that would suspend glitter in the solution.  And, if it did, it would have to be extremely small glitter to be able to flow with the solution into the very tiny opening provided by tattoo needles.  Besides being unlikely to exist, I would be concerned about the material itself and how your body would react to having it within your skin.

Reactions to various pigments in tattoo inks, while not common, are not unheard of.  By placing a larger amount of material within your skin such as glitter, vs. the very small amount of colored pigment left behind in today's tattoos, you might risk a larger reaction from your body as it tries to heal the tattoo, which it regards as a wound.

We do not carry Glitter Inks at Spirit Gallery Tattoo, nor do we plan to in the future.  We also do not carry UV inks, which react to UV light to create a glowing effect.  We are not sure of how the body reacts to such pigments and materials, and so will not use our clients as guinea pigs.  We only purchase tattoo inks from reputable tattoo suppliers within the US and Canada, for your protection and ours.