Chest Tattoos

Have you been thinking about a chest tattoo lately?  Want to know what makes a great tattoo design that you will wear proudly?

Chest tattoos can be one of the most visible tattoos that people get, depending on the style of clothing that they prefer wearing.  For those considering getting a chest tattoo, it's a good idea to think about how high up on the collar your tattoo will go, and how much of it you would like to share with the public.

Blazes-chest-tattooThese tattoos can be decorative, like my own chest piece(tattooed by Xoïl of Needleside Tattoo), with lots of filigree and flare.  A decorative tattoo should accentuate the shape of your body, and on women, it is nice to have a "V" shape on the chest.  This follows natural curves instead of flattening them out with a straight line across the breast.

When positioning images on the chest, it is important to remember the natural flow of the body.  If you drew a dot in the center of your chest between the breasts, you would want to position your tattoos either directly in the middle, or on the rising part of a "V" shape.  This pleases the eye and also gives you the maximum amount of room to work with in terms of placing a larger image.

Men (and women, too), often want an image over the heart - portraits of children, loved ones and pets.

chest-tattoo-dog-portraitOn men, placing the tattoo in more of a square or blocky shape over one breast is preferable and maintains the lines of the male body.  Male full chest pieces will still follow the central dot rule, but spread out in more of a straight line than what I would recommend for a woman getting the same tattoo.

Symmetry is preferable in a chest tattoo.

Take time with placement to make sure that your tattoo is even and in line with your spine through your chest - it will be stunning to have a well-placed chest tattoo, but forever distracting to have one that is lopsided.

By keeping these rules of placement in mind, you will end up with a stellar chest piece, no matter what the size and scale.